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Why your business needs a compelling vision

One of the challenges of communicating ideas about business culture and transformation is that they can seem intangible. Sometimes, it’s tough to grasp these concepts. So we thought we’d spark some conversation and humbly hope our insights will help all of you seeking to enhance your performance.

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How to reduce risks when travelling

Scoping out the landscape of risk and taking reasonable precautions when travelling is known as your duty of care. You may be held liable and incur considerable expenses if you fail to do so. This includes conducting research and planning for contingencies before travelling. Recognizing this, TSG has compiled a handy guide to ensure a safe trip for you.

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Do what you love

This post is courtesy of a former TSG employee. We thought we’d share his experiences to give everyone a taste of what TSG is all about.

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Recruitment never stops

At The Shepherd Group, we’re striving to be proactive in anticipating challenges before they even arise. One such challenge is recruitment.

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