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Client Success Story: restoring client satisfaction after improper towing

Car accidents remain one of the most frequent claims for any insurance company and one of the most difficult for clients. One persistent challenge in dealing with these claims is improper towing. There have been cases where a client’s car was towed without their knowledge and consent, leaving them frustrated and upset.

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Client success story: Steven

Although Steven has been driving for many years, it felt like his first time all over again when he bought a new car. He had recently imported the car from the U.S. and it was a big deal for him.

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4 Ways Technology is Reshaping the Insurance Industry

When you think of insurance your mind most likely jumps to the customary; home, car and life insurance policies. Contrary to popular belief, insurance coverage has expanded vastly in the last few years ever since joining hands with technology to support a previously unrecognized demand. With the rapid development of technologies, gadgets and apps there has been a greater request to protect more than just our homes and cars.

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4 things you should know about rental car insurance

If you’ve ever rented a vehicle, the daunting thought of “what happens if I’m in an accident” has most likely crossed your mind. Do I really need rental insurance? But what if I have personal vehicle insurance? Doesn’t my credit card cover me?

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Long Weekend Road Trip Checklist

As the final long weekend of the summer is nearing – many are getting ready for one last trip up to the cottage or camping excursion. While focus is placed on ensuring that the coolers are filled and bags are packed many people forget to double-check the condition of their vehicles.

Here is a quick checklist to look over before you hit the road so that you can feel confident driving the distance this long weekend.

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