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UBER: Making Toronto Safer

You’re in the mood to celebrate, it’s a Friday night and you had a really hard workweek, you’re ready for a night out with friends. You’ll be going to your favourite restaurant and of course, having a few drinks to lighten the mood.

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6 Areas to Explore when Getting Home insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of the best way of managing the risks involved in purchasing and owning a home. When you buy homeowners insurance, you transfer the potential risks, and costs of a loss, to the insurance company. While not mandatory by law, mortgage providers require insurance in order to protect their investment.

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Understanding travel insurance

You’ve created a travel itinerary, booked your tickets and laid out your passport…have you thought about travel insurance?

Many Canadians have recently traveled to sunny warm southern climates, European Tours, Cruises and even vacationed across Canada during the holidays. When booking travel, the most important item on your checklist should be travel insurance.

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Brokers vs. Agents: The Ultimate Insurance Question

With the overwhelming amount of insurance options that our at our disposable, be it with products or providers, it’s hard to know whether you are making the “right” decision when purchasing insurance. Let me help you understand how a broker can assist you in this process.

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What is Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and who needs it?

In Ontario, it is mandatory that all businesses, organizations and people operating heavy commercial vehicles (having a total weight of more than 4500kg or a bus carrying ten or more passengers) register as commercial vehicle operator.  This system identifies the monitoring of on road performance for commercial vehicle operators.

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How to prevent sewer back ups and basement flooding

We are in a day and age where we are getting more sewer backup and basement flood losses.  No one wants damage in their basement, especially sewer water. Not only can it wreak chaos on your home and cause thousands of dollars of damaged furniture, floors and electrical malfunctions, it can also be a health hazard to you and your family.

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Why We Do What We Do

I recently attended a presentation where three individuals (myself included) were presenting their company to an audience of entrepreneurs. By the end of the hour, I was left with a key question that both presenters failed to answer – why do they do what they do?

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Have a ticket that will come off your record in the next six months? Get a 6 month policy instead of 1 year. The rating of that ticket won’t be locked in under your policy for a 1 year term.

Ferria Valiente

Neil Shepherd

My name is Neil Shepherd and I created The Shepherd Group. The Shepherd Group is designed for entrepreneurs like you and me. Before the age of 20 my entrepreneurial spirit began – creating several companies.

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