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How to prevent sewer back ups and basement flooding

We are in a day and age where we are getting more sewer backup and basement flood losses.  No one wants damage in their basement, especially sewer water. Not only can it wreak chaos on your home and cause thousands of dollars of damaged furniture, floors and electrical malfunctions, it can also be a health hazard to you and your family.

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Why We Do What We Do

I recently attended a presentation where three individuals (myself included) were presenting their company to an audience of entrepreneurs. By the end of the hour, I was left with a key question that both presenters failed to answer – why do they do what they do?

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Have a ticket that will come off your record in the next six months? Get a 6 month policy instead of 1 year. The rating of that ticket won’t be locked in under your policy for a 1 year term.

Ferria Valiente

Neil Shepherd

My name is Neil Shepherd and I created The Shepherd Group. The Shepherd Group is designed for entrepreneurs like you and me. Before the age of 20 my entrepreneurial spirit began – creating several companies.

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Human Rights Claims

Here are some claims under Human Rights by both employees / employers:

1. Allegations by employee that his/her employer provides information to third parties he was incompetent, leading to unreceptive working environment.

2. Revenge claimed by employees.

3. When an employee sued for misuse of confidential information.

4. Where an employee files a complaint due to discrimination against culture, ethnic origin, race or even colour.

And more. If you are unsure of a situation you are in, call us and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Event Insurance

Event Insurance associated with events covers and protects planners in several specific areas especially in a society where lawsuits runs rampant, it’s always best to protect yourself from ever having to deal with those worst-case scenarios, especially if you’re the one in charge. Event Insurance provides general liability for specific events. Planners can purchase additional coverage that protects them from such things as liquor liability and event cancellation.

At its most basic, event insurance provides you with liability insurance. Other coverages that you may wish to add, include:

  • Event cancellation covers you if the event is canceled due to sickness, natural disasters, or property damage.
  • Host Liquor Liability protects you should one of your guests become inebriated and hurt himself or another person is an expensive but wise option for all licensed events. Failure to perform coverage steps in should your entertainer be unable to

No matter the size of your event or how well prepared you are, you never know when the worst-case scenario could become your reality.  The small things that cause the most problems if you’re not properly covered. So even the most basic coverage policy could prove to be a big help in the long run. Having the proper insurance can make the difference between a minor bump in the road and a complete detour.


Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability is an insurance policy that protects an employee from loss of income if one is temporarily unable to work due to illness, injury, or accident  or if an employee has inability to perform any or all aspects of their occupation. This pays a portion of your wages while you are out of work for a temporary disability as mentioned above. This is also a type of insurance that pays a percentage of an employee’s salary for a specified amount of time.

Applying for short-term disability generally requires that you complete an application form completed by your family doctor. Your doctor or physician needs to disclose your diagnosis, symptoms and treatment history. If this is available to you through work, you get the application form from your employer. If this is the case, ask your employer to fill out his or her portion. He or she needs to note how much you earn each week, your job title, nature of your work and your last day at work. If it’s through a private policy, contact your insurance company or broker to get the forms that you will need to fill out. When you are filling out the form, always include appropriate information. Explain the nature of disability as well as the date when you were first absent from work.

Friendly note: Report the claim as soon as you believe your absence from work may extend beyond the benefit of waiting period as outline on your policy.

It is a brilliant idea to have short and long term disability insurance nowadays. Accidents happen in a snap and you do no want to be left in a monetary bind. After all, peace of mind is more important than anything else.

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Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance, will help to offset the expenses that are incurred as a result of long-term care either at home or in a long-term care facility. A long term care plan will pay you tax free benefits as long as you cannot perform any two of the basic necessary activities of daily living – eating, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, or transferring positions (in and out of a bed or chair).

There are two types of Long Term Care Insurance Policies:

– One plan reimburses you for eligible expenses you receive on a given day, up to a pre-set maximum.

– The other type of plan is referred to as income-style. It is extremely flexible and provides you with an income benefit to cover any type of service that you require from any source including family members.

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