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Create your dream job within your current one

Growing up, many of us had an ideal job in mind that we would occupy once we became adults. However, few of us actually get work in our desired area and we plod through life feeling like failures. Even worse, some of us blame the outside world, and become bitter and resentful.

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New versus used car

New or used? That is the big question when it comes to buying a car. But which should you choose?

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Treat your coworkers as customers

In our business, customer service is sacrosanct and we see tremendous results when we channel every ounce of our efforts into serving customers. What if we extended this thinking to our co-workers?

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Liability insurance for software programmers

John is a software programmer. Two months ago, he started a business focusing on data security and networks. Because he handles sensitive customer data, privacy and security are extremely important in his line of work.

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