Christmas Shop Early or Wait Until Black Friday?

Each year, I wonder “when is the best time to start Christmas shopping?” I am not really a big fan of early Christmas shopping. I tried a few years ago and lost a few gifts. I live in a small apartment so I must hide them throughout the house. I should have made a list. I found a few gifts about 5 months later.

Although I’m not a big fan of Christmas shopping early, I’m also not a huge Black Friday shopper either.
Rarely do I buy any big ticket items. I usually go out for a few hours at around 10 or 11 in the morning. Since I’m not buying big ticket items, what I need is still usually on sale.

How do you intend to do your Christmas shopping this year? I will probably buy a few items here and there (lol making sure I make notes on where I hide them), buy a few items on Black Friday and do the remaining shopping online in the last month.

Should You Go Christmas Shopping On Black Friday?

Some people start Christmas shopping early and others wait until the last minute. One day that many
christmas shoppingAmericans do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It is often considered the busiest shopping day of the year! Are you wondering if you should shop on Black Friday?

One of the reasons why Black Friday is so popular is because it symbolizes the start of the holidays. It gets many Americans in the mood for holiday shopping. For many, there is just something neat about shopping with holiday music ringing in your ear. If you want to kick off the holidays with good deals and start a new tradition, Black Friday is a great way to do your shopping.

Another one of the reasons why Black Friday is such a busy shopping day is because of the good deals. These great deals are awesome, but usually only available for one day, Black Friday. In fact, some let sales go on for hours. These sales are often referred to as early bird sales. What is nice though, is that many online retailers have also started having Black Friday sales, as well as Cyber Monday sales.

Although there are a number of pros to shopping on Black Friday, there are a number of cons too. The biggest is the large crowds. Due to the fact that most retailers offer amazing discounts on Black Friday, a large number of shoppers come out to get those discounts, especially early in the morning. Depending on where you are shopping, you may find it difficult to walk around the store or even get into it. Luckily, the crowds will start to thin out. Unless specifically after big ticket items or early bird sales, I recommend waiting until later in the morning or afternoon.

Another downside to shopping on Black Friday is the limited number of available products. You may see an black friday shoppingadvertisement for a new video game that says “this store will receive 25 copies,” or so forth. That means that if you are not one the first people in line, you may be unable to get what you came for. If you want something in particular, especially an early bird sale item, arrive at the store early. This however can actually be another disadvantage to Christmas shopping on Black Friday. After all, who wants to be in line to shop at 5 am?

Christmas Shopping on a Strict Budget Tips

Last year, I found a lot of great Christmas shopping deals. Personally, I was very lucky because I was on a strict Christmas budget. I had about $200 less to spend than the previous year. Just in case, I am planning ahead this year. If you suspect you may be on a strict budget this upcoming holiday season, start planning now. Yes, it is only May, but why not get a jump on things?

What I did this month was make a list of those who I need to buy for. This is pretty easy (although you may have a few last minutes changes if your work decides to do a gift exchange, and so forth).

So, I have a list that includes my daughter, my boyfriend, his parents, my parents, my brother, and my two grandmas. I also participate in two gift exchanges each year, so there is another two people.

Next, I estimated how many gifts I want to buy for each person (like two small gifts for my mom) and how much I want to spend (like $20 for both).

As for what I am doing with that list, mostly just saving money. I have an idea of how much I need for Christmas and have already started setting some of that money aside. Christmas shopping deals are best right before the holiday, so I will likely wait to buy my gifts. However, you can start buying a few gifts now and store them in your home. With this approach, you get the budget worries out of the way, as all your gifts are bought and paid for.