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Do you own a horse? If so, do you have the proper equine insurance coverage on him or her? It’s important to understand the different types of equine insurance coverages, if you’re unsure which coverages you should have, thats where we come in.

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To inquire about the best equine insurance around…check us out!


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Found by The Shepherd Group in a sheep barn, Bryan Mehi is the insurance voice you wish all insurance companies had. He's not part of the old school and he knows no-one speaks in old school language. In short, Bryan's just like you!

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  1. Christa Geldart


    I am with the Horse Pullers Association of New Brunswick and would like to inquire as to whether your Company insures Groups like ours for the Event of Horsepulling. We are a group of approximately 30 memebrs and would require a General Liability policy as well, if possible, we would like to have an Accidental death and dismemberment coveragefor the members.

    Any information you may be able to provide me would be appreciated.

    Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,

    Christa Geldart
    The Horse Pullers association of NB

  2. We are a Christian Ministry for women and children who have experience abuse or abandonment who uses horse and animal therapy to help them find hope.

    We require equine coverage for the horse activities we carry out @ The Lord’s Ranch Ministry.

    Executive Director,
    Lisa Smith

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