All of your departments should be creating value for customers

Creating value for customers means being flexible and going beyond your job description. And you have to be ready to do the unexpected and quickly problem solve at the drop of a hat.

We got the chance to prove our mettle when Cornelia called to request we add a truck to her auto policy. As it happened, our personal lines staff who deal with auto policies were all on the phones when she called.

But we never call it quits. Ferria, a Relationship Manager with our Life and Health department, took initiative to hear out Cornelia and meet her needs. Even though Ferria is no longer part of the Personal Lines Department, she stepped up to the plate and made no excuses when a customer’s business was on the line.

The best thing about this story is that we discovered that our staff from any department are capable and willing to provide superior service. It wasn’t like we concocted an inadequate hodge-podge of a solution. Let’s talk a bit about the ask we were faced with.

A bit of background on Cornelia’s situation: she is a contractor and had acquired a truck to use for her business. For insurance purposes, this is seen as commercial use and means that we have to source a new quote to adjust her policy. Because she has no previous experience with commercial vehicles, Cornelia’s new quote was double her current premium.

Obviously this was unworkable and we contacted Cornelia’s insurer to ask whether they could add the truck to her current auto policy to avoid the increase. Fortunately, the insurer agreed to do so given the fact that Cornelia wouldn’t be carrying tools in the vehicle.

Afterward, Cornelia said the Ferria’s questions helped her determine the kind of coverage she needed and that TSG is lucky to have Ferria. We agree completely.

Cornelia got excellent service from a department and team member that doesn’t even normally handle personal auto. That’s what things can look like when your team is running like clock-work. It doesn’t miss a beat and it won’t be beat.

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