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The power of an independent insurance broker

What does it mean to be independent? For one, it means resisting outside influence on your decisions that seeks to skew and sway them. As an entrepreneur, you are keenly aware of these pressures on your business as you navigate a maze of competing interests and priorities in attracting new clients and maintaining relationships with your partners.

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Client success story: troubleshooting

Much of customer service involves making things easier for our clients by being a trustworthy troubleshooter for them. Often we are taking the initiative to do the legwork for them in addressing their daily challenges and frustrations. So when John (a long time client with The Shepherd Group) was dealing with a irksome invoice, we saw an opportunity to get in action to create client satisfaction.

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Translating workplace culture into client benefits

When it comes to workplace culture, most people recognize that a stimulating and engaging workplace culture drives new business and contributes to its team members’ personal and professional development. However, creating that secret sauce to engage and empower employees remains one of the most elusive and coveted goals for any organization.

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