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To claim or not to claim?

Severe weather, storms and other natural catastrophes are becoming more frequent and more destructive. Losses from natural catastrophes are growing.

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Passion and leadership in the workplace

When it comes to awards and industry recognition, business owners are under the impression that their organization must be a multibillion operation in order to qualify. But that is not the case. What matters is the quality contained inside.

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Insurance for gig workers

In recent years, the nature of work is changing. What’s known as the “gig economy” has taken off. It involves people performing short term and temporary work. Read on to find out about some of the challenges workers are facing in this brave new economy.

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The impact of reaching your goals

People often discuss the downsides of not reaching their goals, ambitions and aspirations. But if this isn’t working for you, we would like to humbly suggest reframing the situation. You may find it productive to imagine the impact of reaching your goals.

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The power of life insurance

When conversation turns to life insurance, most people assume this coverage is primarily geared toward protecting the family when the policyholder passes away.

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