What is your brand promise?

The phrase “actions speak louder than words” might be a cliche, but it points to something significant. Let’s refresh the way this cliche occurs to uncover the wisdom it contains.

To be honest, we are all guilty of sometimes treating words as being louder than actions. Other times, we are “cheap” with our words, throwing them around like a dandelion sheds seeds in the wind.

Let’s examine this phenomenon in the context of business and customer service. It’s not enough to say that our businesses provide great service and value. Our actions must align with our words.

Customers pick up very quickly on your organization’s way of being. They evaluate you based on your actions toward them. A good rule of thumb for determining one’s way of being is looking to your default actions and instinctual reactions.

For example, a person may say they value punctuality, but if they are always late, then their way of being is lateness. It doesn’t matter what the person is saying if their actions speak so clearly otherwise.

The second piece is that we are not necessarily in the driver’s seat when it comes to way situations occur to people. We do not determine the way we occur to people. How we occur is from the perspective of people around us.

This is why asking others for feedback is so important. We all have blind spots and we often evaluate our performance from the perspective of those blind spots, when in reality, we must evaluate our performance and way of being from the way they actually occur to people.

Once we have a grip on our blind spots, we can adjust our actions to better deliver on our word.

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