Cooking up passion one healthy meal at a time

Picture a blank canvas; or blank piece of paper; or an empty screen. All of these images are great descriptions of TSG. This is because we see our organization as a space for all of our team members to create.

So we sat down with all of our members to determine their dreams and aspirations. We want them to actually create, in our office, whatever it is they’re passionate about. Valerie, for instance, is passionate about healthy eating and living.

She takes great care to always eat healthy and nutritious food because she is very present to the impact of not doing so. Now, she wants for all of our team to eat healthy. In order to implement her vision, we created a budget and strategy to bring healthy food to our work space.

This is Valerie’s vision in her words.

* * *

My vision is to transform our organization’s mindset. Change comes more readily once we transform our mindsets. The magic ingredient to fully implement my vision to get everyone on board and pointed in the same direction.

We get them to buy in by showing them that a better way of doing things is possible. And by showing them the impact of business as usual. Then we give them the tools for bringing about lasting and transformative change.

So what am I looking to achieve? I want to make healthy living and eating accessible to all of our team members.

Growing up in the West Indies, I always had access to fresh and healthy food, whether it was fish straight from the ocean or fruits from the trees around us. Relocating to Canada, I was concerned when I saw that several of my family members were obese.

And keep in mind that this was many years ago – obesity has become more prevalent since then. I presume that one reason for the increase is that it’s very easy to eat unhealthily. It’s easy to grab unhealthy food without stopping to consider the true impact it will have on our bodies and our entire lives.

But we must be mindful of what we eat and we must think before we eat. Therefore I urge you to consider what your chosen meal will do for your body. Will it give you strength? Does it provide you with enough, any, nutrition?

Your body needs healthy food, in the right amount, to maintain and repair itself. Neglecting to take care of your body is the same thing as forgetting to change the oil in your car or not watering a freshly planted tree. The impact? The tree and your car’s engine die. Your body is no different so don’t treat it differently.

And if your body dies, so to speak, your quality of life declines. For instance, I have seen wealthy people unable to enjoy their hard earned wealth because their bodies are broken. Taking care of your body may not seem like a big deal today because you already have too much on your plate. But life will eventually catch up with you.

Start your healthy life by planning your day and anticipating when you will need to eat. That way you can arrange everything around healthy living and eating. You will benefit because you will have the nutrients and energy to move powerfully through your day and do everything you set out to accomplish.

Stay tuned for more health tips and tricks from our blog in the coming weeks.