Client success story: troubleshooting

Much of customer service involves making things easier for our clients by being a trustworthy troubleshooter for them. Often we are taking the initiative to do the legwork for them in addressing their daily challenges and frustrations. So when John (a long time client with The Shepherd Group) was dealing with a irksome invoice, we saw an opportunity to get in action to create client satisfaction.

John had sold his boat in June and called in August to cancel his boat insurance policy. As with most people, his insurance wasn’t at the top of his mind and he was unable to notify us at the time. His insurance company requested proof of sale documentation to backdate a credit for the cancellation and continued to charge him, sending him an invoice.

Given that John trusts TSG with much of his business, we approached his insurer to ask if they could waive the outstanding balance on the cancelled policy without providing proof of sales. A few minutes and one email later we secured an accommodation for John and saved him from having to spend an entire evening looking for the document.

This experience demonstrated with crystal clarity the importance of leveraging our relationships to deliver the best service for our clients. Enough of these continuous wins for clients creates the basis for a solid relationship like a river wears a groove in rock over time.

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