Closing your cottage for the winter

If you spent the summer at your cottage, you probably made many great memories and had a blast. But now the warm season’s over and it’s time to close up. It’s important to be thorough when closing your cottage for the winter to avoid damage and make sure it stays in good shape for next year.

Read on to find TSG’s cottage closing tips to be in the know about closing your cottage safely and effectively.

Start outside

Board up any screen windows to prevent weather and animal damage. It’s worth the trouble instead of having to clean and repair damage in the spring when you come to open the cottage when you could be enjoying yourself.

Next, store any boats or canoes on racks and tie them down. Make sure they’re out of view from the road and water to reduce risk of theft. Move outdoor furniture inside so that any bad weather doesn’t carry it away.

You will also want to safely store any flammable items like propane tanks, lighter fluid and barbeque grills. Use up all the fuel in lawnmowers, saws and tractors, clean them and park inside a locked shed.

Speaking of sheds, you’ll want to clean and organize it which will make opening it in the spring that much easier. Arrange all tools and equipment in an orderly manner and take inventory.

Note any missing or broken items and arrange to replace them. Safely dispose of any empty fuel and oil canisters before locking the shed.

As you continue around the outside, take a careful look for any damage to the walls and roof. Replace missing shingles, bricks and siding panels, and clean the eaves to prevent water damage over the winter.

Finally, remove any garbage from under the deck and pump the septic tank.

Moving indoors

Dispose of unused items and organize clutter.

Clean the wood stove, inspect the chimney and remove all food from the cottage. Finally, drain all taps and shut off the water. Splash antifreeze into the pipes and drains to make sure they don’t burst during the cold.

Cover mattresses with plastic sheets and place mothballs to scare away mice and pests.

Double check that you have all your valuables with you and lock all windows and doors. Before leaving, do a final inspection and double check that you have completed everything mentioned above.

Let us know how you close your cottage for the winter.