Creating client success one conversation at a time

A conversation is all it takes to kindle a connection.

At TSG, we maintain that it’s always worth having a conversation because you never know where you could end up.

For example, just the other week, we got another pointed reminder of the power of authentic communication when one of our team members hit it off with Jesse and Andrew, an entrepreneur couple in the warehousing industry.

The conversation that ensued had the warmth of genuine connection: they offered her a seat because she was weary after prospecting all day. It turns out they needed health and dental insurance. We were happy to create a solution for them.

But before we could get much work done in that direction, they called with a much broader request. Their interaction with our team inspired them to take action and they asked us to review all of their policies. Things were moving rapidly: two days after meeting these folks, we were diving deep to source a comprehensive solution for them.

To kick things off, Jesse and Andrew asked us to address their most urgent need for a better solution on their auto insurance. We analyzed their needs and discovered that their current broker had incorrectly assessed their vehicle. He had assessed it using their office address, instead of their home; plus he also listed it as being for commercial use, instead of personal.

Our efforts paid off and we sourced a much more cost effective quote for Jesse and Andrew. However, another challenge arose at this point: their auto policy had renewed two weeks before our meeting and they would need to pay a significant cancellation to move to the new one. This fee would wipe out a very large chunk of their newfound savings.

Not to worry – there’s always a workaround. In this case, we worked with the insurance company to backdate Jesse and Andrew’s policy so that they could safely cancel without being charged.

The couple was very satisfied with the solution and directed us to source a solution for their home, personal auto, commercial insurance, and a health spending account for their employees. That one conversation created immense value for our new customers and opened door after door of opportunity (for everyone).

Contact us today to have the same kind of game changing conversation for your own life and business.