Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance provides a one-time lump sum benefit should you be diagnosed by a qualified physician or specialist with one of the illnesses covered by your policy, and you survive. Critical Illness Insurance coverage varies greatly from policy to policy and the term of the policy may also vary with some policies covering you to age 65, age 75, or for life. All applications are subject to a satisfactory statement of health, and the insurer may request that certain tests are performed.

Critical Illness Insurance policies may offer you the option of insurance for the three most commonly claimed critical illnesses, Heart Attack, Cancer, and Stroke. Depending on the insurer and the plan, up to 25 medical conditions may be covered. There are absolutely no restrictions on how you use the money. You can use it for anything that you choose including medical care, paramedical care, out-of-country treatment, alternative treatment, paying monthly bills, home renovations, adapting your vehicle, or taking a vacation.

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