Why you must meet customers’ needs AND expectations

In order to provide superior customer service, we have to meet not only our customers’ needs, but also their expectations (because those two are not the same).

As Robert discovered last week, he could rely on us for both.

Robert’s vehicle was damaged in a collision and he needed a suitable replacement as he drives a luxury vehicle. His insurance policy provides coverage for a vehicle of like kind. His insurer did provide him with a luxury car, but things went downhill from there.

The claims adjuster assigned to Robert’s collision claim called a few days later to request that Robert return the car because the insurance company had found the same vehicle at a cheaper rate.

This was a definite inconvenience for Robert; even worse, the cheaper vehicle turned out to be a minivan. At that point, Robert had enough and called TSG to state he would not be driving it.

As it turned out, his call came the same afternoon he was supposed to swap cars. There were just a few hours to go before the rental company closed for the day, but our team mobilized to create a solution for Robert.

We secured a replacement for him having spoken with his insurer and contacted several rental companies. It was not the exact car he wanted, but it was a luxury vehicle that better met his expectations.

Our team also came to an understanding with the rental company that should Robert’s desired car become available, they would deliver it to him and retrieve the other vehicle.

Over the next few days, we checked in with Robert to make sure he was satisfied. It goes to show that it’s possible to create value for our customers even in the face of multiple hurdles and challenges.

What sort of challenges are you facing? Let us know and let’s tackle them together.