Disability insurance for dancers

Although dancing may seem an enjoyable pastime and healthy exercise, it can actually take a serious toll on dancers’ bodies. The various jumps, moves and twists stress the body and raise the risk of injury.

Dance instructors also face their fair share of risk and injury because they are always moving and required to continuously hold back to back lessons.

Therefore the dance community is a prime candidate for disability insurance. Identifying this need, we reached out to them to understand their needs and determine their risks and exposures.

We found out that insurance companies did not give dancers and instructors access to disability insurance because insurers view the dance community as higher risk. Another issue is that dance teachers are often contractors and this led them to believe they would not qualify for group benefits packages.

We took it upon ourselves to provide them with a quality group insurance program that would address all these issues. We approached an insurer to source a solution and ended up designing a flexible disability program that covers dance studio owners in case of injury. Whether they’re out for a week, a month or a year, the policy will help replace their income.

This policy has two parts: injury and illness. Dancers can opt for one or the other without needing to bundle like some other programs require. Again, this affords them additional flexibility. What’s more, no medical questions are required for the injury coverage.

Another benefit is that the dance studio owners can register for the group benefits package despite being independent contractors. This means they have access to stable group rates and their risk is lower because they’re part of a large group.

Having established ourselves as a trusted partner of the dance community, we are moving forward to address their other needs. One of our current initiatives in this direction is providing a group home and auto benefits package for dancers.

Having met their core needs, we gained their trust and we hope to create value for them in other areas of their lives. The end goal is to become a reliable partner to various groups and communities. The trick is to identify their challenges and meet their needs.

By helping these communities manage risks and reduce stress, they have more time and energy to pursue their passions and create value for everyone else.

If you’re part of a specialized community, give us a call to find out the benefits solutions and opportunities that exist for you.