Do not forget face to face customer interaction in the digital era

Steven and Diane are an older couple. Older customers sometimes have a challenge dealing with electronic devices and documents, but Steven and Diane were content to receive their renewal documents over email.

However, a challenge surfaced when the renewal turned out to be 30 pages long and overwhelmed them. We offered to print out the renewal, but printing that many pages was not workable for them.

Typically, our next step is to invite customers to our office in order to discuss everything in person. Most times this stage is enough to eliminate their worries and put them at ease.

Again, this “normal” solution ran into a barrier because Steven and Diane are located far from our office and the drive is not an easy undertaking for them.

On the other hand, our team members could not just pick up and leave in the middle of the afternoon to visit them. The workaround proved to be swinging by their home after the end the work day and one of our team members did just that.

During the visit, we enjoyed a pleasant and productive conversation with the couple, clarifying all of the questions (including some they didn’t know they had!). All in all, it was a golden opportunity to deepen that relationship and create more value for our customers.

That being said, our resources are not limitless and we cannot necessarily visit every single customer at home, but it’s a possibility if a given customer’s needs call for that level of service.

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