Client success story: Creating solutions for customers is all about doing your homework

Creating solutions for customers is all about doing your homework.This includes three key steps: getting access to your customer’s world, putting yourself in the know about potential solutions, and putting the customer in the know about their options.

Putting yourself in the know is also known as… research!

Research is critical because you don’t know what you don’t know. There is so much information out there that even our team of in-house experts don’t always know every detail. And sometimes the difference between what we think we know and the reality is huge.

When we do our homework, we can get a much better idea of the options available for our customers. This can have a tremendous impact on their lives. We’ll show you what we mean with a concrete example.

Brandon is a lifelong customer of TSG. His first policy was for a motorcycle. Over time, he acquired a home and auto policy and eventually commercial insurance for his business. Throughout the years TSG has been a lifestyle partner for Brandon, helping him meet his evolving needs.

Currently Brandon is facing increased risk to his lifestyle and well-being after he took on a second mortgage to purchase a house in Hamilton. Because he was unable to sell his Toronto property as his preferred price, his liability has risen dramatically and he needs some protection to cover this exposure.

So we initiated a conversation with Brandon about life insurance. Brandon assumed he would not qualify for life insurance because he has multiple sclerosis (MS).

But we don’t give up on our customers and our health and wellness team went to work to find a solution. We did a lot of research and consulted different companies. In our research we discovered that Brandon actually does qualify for full coverage as long as his symptoms have been stable for two years (which they have).

Today, Brandon is getting the kind of coverage as though he didn’t have MS – there are no limits or restrictions. Given his increased liability with the extra mortgage and his condition, the insurance secures him some much needed peace of mind.

Give us a call today so we can create solutions for your lifestyle needs.