The philosophy of “Everyone Wins”

At The Shepherd Group, we are committed to a way of being known as “Everyone Wins.”

What does this mean? Who is included? Simple – everyone. It includes our customers, our business partners, our team members and everyone in those people’s lives.

You never know the impact that your actions may have in someone’s life. Everyone Wins contributes to that by putting us in a way of being where we touch, move and inspire everyone we encounter to life a life they love.

Throughout our lives we will come in contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people and each of them in turn will come in contact with thousands and each of those… and so on. The point is that we have a tremendous impact on the world, even if we’re not aware of it.

When we impact that first person, they will carry that impact forward and create great things for the people they encounter.

This mindset greatly benefits business owners because once you adopt it, you will treat every customer like gold because you never know who you’re dealing with or where that person is going. They may well be on their way to greatness and you may get to share in that if you treat them well.

For example, one of our customers started at TSG with a standalone auto policy. Over time, he did more business with us. And when he started his own company, he came to us for his insurance needs.

His business really took off and today he is making literally millions of dollars. And we have the privilege of working with him because we treated his small initial account with the same respect and attention we devote to our most significant accounts.

Before you know it, Gabe became one such significant account and we did our part to grow his business. Many years down the road, we can look back say “we were there” when Gabe’s mega business success first took off.

As Gabe’s business grew, it created value and joy for countless people, including his customers and employees. We say that we are selflessly proud of being part of that. Knowing that we have a hand in creating good things for people makes us relish our lives and that we get to do something like that. All this is part of Everyone Wins. Join us as we do good for everyone.

Apart from business considerations, you want to treat everyone in your life well because it’s preferable to increase the amount of good in the world as opposed to leaving it unchanged (or even reducing it).

And you don’t have to venture far out of your way to serve people: paying attention to their needs and holding out a helpful hand is enough. Even if you can’t directly meet their needs, you can help connect them with resources.

Apply this thinking in reverse: imagine if every person you came across left you with something positive; that you had been listened to; that you learned something; connected with a human being; that would empower you to create something wonderful in your life and pass joy on to others. Good begets good.