How to file a travel insurance claim

In the unfortunate event that you suffer injury or loss on vacation, you will want to know the procedure for filing a claim through your travel insurance. Read on to discover TSG’s top tips for successfully filing a claim.

Before travelling

Go through your policy to understand exactly what it covers. First, review your schedule of benefits. The schedule of benefits explains the details of your coverage. You can avoid frustration and miscommunication by understanding the ins and outs of your policy.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there’s unclear language in your policy that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to call your broker or insurer. Insurance policy wordings can be confusing and you don’t want the tricky terminology to deprive you of coverage.

While travelling

Stay in communication with your broker. Update them on anything happens during your trip that may affect your claim. Putting them in the know this way makes it easier for them to meet your needs down the line when filing your claim. For example, they will have evidence that you contacted them and made them aware of any issues or concerns which backs up your claim.

Over than communication, retain all receipts and records as they will be needed during the claims process. You will also want to provide proof of any losses and all expenses. Be proactive about collecting this documentation and don’t leave it until the last moment. Instead, grab the receipt the same moment the expense occurs.

Some documents that you will want to collect include written statements from your airline if they misplace your baggage, receipts and statements for medical treatment, as well as receipts for any additional expenses like meals and board.

Filing the claim

When submitting your claim, answer your insurer’s claim form questions as accurately as possible. Include the times, dates and locations of any incidents and do some digging and research if you can’t remember because you don’t want faulty information on your claims form.

When you’re done with that, attach copies of all receipts and documentation you collected during your trip. And don’t wait too long to initiate and file a claim because your policy may have a window beyond which the insurer will not accept claims. This window may be around 90 days.

Moreover, don’t forget that you can file a claim during vacation. Speak with your broker and insurer and they will fill you in on all the necessary details. Your broker can also direct you to services and professionals who can meet your claims related needs.

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