First time home buyer guide

If you have just bought your first house, chances are you’re overwhelmed right now. We want to make things easier for you so we created this short and sweet guide to protecting your new home.

A house is usually the most expensive and valuable asset for most people. Failing to adequately protect it could cost you dearly.

We’re talking about much more than money here (although that is also very important).

Our houses carry enormous emotional and sentimental value for us and risking loss or damage to this most paramount of investment makes the strongest of us flinch.

Despite all the risk clouding overhead like thunder clouds, there is a lot you can do to protect your house. Read on to find out what home insurance can do for you.

Home insurance covers physical damage to your house and everything inside it (contents).

Should your house catch fire, or a storm tear off the roof, the right insurance coverage can help cover repair and replacement costs to get you back on your feet. Same goes if thieves break in and steal your belongings. It even has your back if someone sues you.

That being said, home insurance isn’t a silver bullet – it won’t cover everything. Most standard home insurance policies will probably will not cover all of your jewelry, art, and other high value items. You may need to acquire a standalone policy to cover these.

Moreover, home insurance may not cover foreseeable hazards like flooding and water damage. In fact, flooding has become the top source of homeowner claims, taking over the top spot from fire damage. Flooding is the new fire as we like to say at TSG.

If you will be renting part of your new home for some extra income as you shoulder a mortgage, you will need the appropriate coverage. As a landlord, your exposures are greater than a regular homeowner.

Give us a call if you’re a first time home buyer so we can help you settle in and make your life easier.