Client success story: fixing errors

Ray was experiencing a challenge with his coverage. His business operates a fleet of vehicles and he approached us for help.

Previously, Ray had placed some of his other business with us and trusted us to help him again. One of his drivers had two at-fault accidents. The vehicle was a write-off and Ray sent it to be scrapped. He replaced it with a vehicle of the same year, make and model.

Unfortunately, his previous broker did not stay in communication. As a result, Ray’s policy did not renew and he was forced to seek alternate solutions. The only way we could make the situation better at this point was by taking over the policy.

We got in communication with all of Ray’s drivers who gave us their consent to get their policy details. The insurer required this information in order for us to begin creating a new solution.

Because the vehicle was a write-off, the insurer sent it to the wreckers. However, the Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, that they attached to the crashed vehicle came from the new vehicle.

And so, in the eyes of Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, it appeared as though the new vehicle had been written off and was therefore uninsurable. Meanwhile, the VIN from the crashed vehicle was placed on the new one.

In addition, Ray lost time going back and forth between the broker, insurer and ministry. On top of it all, he got charged for driving without insurance because of the VIN mix up. We requested the insurer compensate Ray for these tickets, which they did.

Finally, with compensation in hand, Ray got the coverage he needed and can resume regular business operations with peace of mind.

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