Get access to your customer’s world

Sometimes when customers call, they’re in a certain state of distress. To address their concerns, we have to get access to their world and determine their needs. Then we get in action and create a solution for them.

The first step to getting access is asking probing questions and truly hearing the answers.

We don’t know how well informed customers may be in a given situation. Not to mention that we may not be aware of our own blind spots.

But the right questions truly shine a light on the unknown. Therefore, we must put ourselves in the know about the customer’s challenges before we can put them in the know about solutions.

In addition, we put aside our egos when speaking with customers. It’s unworkable going around thinking that we are right and the customer is wrong. Not only do they pay our salaries, but they’re also human beings with needs.

Yes, there will be difficult interactions, but we have the power to choose our response and we choose to make a positive difference.

We’re here to provide service and create value for customers. Even if a customer is not aware of some detail, it’s not our place to make them wrong or get irritated with them. Our job is to put them in the know so they can make an informed decision.

There’s no point in getting frustrated because that will not solve the challenge. Instead, take emotions out of the equation and inform your customers. It’s simple, but not easy. Luckily, it is easy to draw insight and inspiration from our surroundings.

Because we are all customers at one point or another, we need look no further than our own experiences to get an idea of what great service looks like.

We recall the person’s friendly and attentive manner; the way they cared about our challenges and had a genuine desire to help; how they followed up until we had no more questions or concerns. Then we create for others the kind of experiences we ourselves treasure.

That way, we pay our goodwill forward to not only serve, but inspire customers. Give us a call if this sounds like something you want to be part of.