Life insurance: there’s an option for everyone

Often, people think they cannot qualify for life insurance because of an illness or medical condition. But the reality is that there are options for everybody.

Ramone has sleep apnea. He was certain this would make him ineligible for life insurance.

But we asked him to let us do the homework for him and create a solution. We discovered an insurance company with flexible policies and they approved coverage for Ramone.

What’s more, they approved Ramone for standard rates, which is very affordable. In other words, his condition will not negatively affect his costs or coverage. The only requirement to qualify was that his symptoms had to have been stable (and the usual medical questions).

He ended up with a solid, half a million dollar life insurance policy.

So why is life insurance an appropriate solution for Ramone? To begin, he had recently taken on some debt, having started a business and a bought a house. Protecting himself and his family was important for him.

What’s interesting is that Ramone’s wife had more difficulty getting life insurance. She was in great health and expected to qualify easily on account of it. At the time she had applied, she was going through medical tests and checkups with her doctor. The doctor hadn’t diagnosed her with any condition, but he sent her for a few additional tests.

The insurer postponed her coverage until all the tests were complete. It gave us pause for thought when we realized the path for people who would easily qualify for life insurance may not always be straightforward.

By the same token, people who think they would not qualify for one reason or another may actually have viable options. Once again, there are options for everyone. Call us today to discover your options.