Stressed customers should be able to vent to their broker

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! We love the Ghostbusters movie, but if we were to have our way, we would probably change that quote to “broker” at the end.

Often when customers are facing difficulties with their insurance, having someone to speak with helps alleviate some of their stress and frustration.

This helps make them more comfortable and gives them peace of mind as they go through claims and other insurance related situations. Here’s a recent example from our brokerage.

Jake (not his real name) is one of our customers and his car had been rear ended, causing considerable damage to the bumper. Under his auto policy, the insurer is responsible for arranging repairs and a rental car for policyholders.

This they did, but when Jake arrived to pick up his car, he noticed the repairs were incomplete. It turns out the insurer had neglected to inspect the car before contacting him, even though this was part of their commitment in the policy.

Jake’s car went off to the shop once again. When Jake returned for the second time, to his dismay he discovered the repairs were unsatisfactory: the gaps in the trunk and bumper were uneven and mufflers were not aligned.

Ultimately, the car was repaired and the insurer extended Jake’s rental to cover the extra time it took.

Throughout this ordeal, we remained in communication with Jake and his insurer. When he first let us know that the shop hadn’t done its work properly, we got on the phone with the insurer right away to find out what happened.

Though we are ultimately not the ones doing the repairs, having someone walking him through the process and inform him about what was going to happen next made all the difference for Jake. Customers know that we will always push for answers and communicate everything to them.

Knowing the next steps and the process to get there reassures customers that they’re not forgotten and that somebody cares. If you like the sound of this, give us a call to discuss how we can serve your needs.