Success story: Even long term customers need some help understanding their product

Anastasia has been with TSG for a long time during which she has been with the same insurer. Earlier this year, we helped her sort out a situation wherein she was mistakenly paying for a feature on her policy. We contacted her insurer to address the oversight and they issued a large refund.

Fast-forward a few months and Anastasia’s policy is due for renewal. As it happened, she was considering moving away from the broker channel and had a very strong quote from a direct writer. This motivated us to work extra diligently to create a competitive solution as well as communicate to her our job and responsibilities as brokers.

Part of that was explaining Anastasia’s policy details to her so she would have the most complete information before making any decision. One of her reasons for moving to the new policy was that it included flood coverage. We informed Anastasia that in fact her current policy also had that particular coverage.

Finally, we were able to bring the cost down by going through her policy details and finding a number of savings and discounts. There was plenty of gold to be mind: merely updating information like the footage of her house and the length of her commute and so on brought our quote neck and neck with the other one.

It’s worth mentioning that a direct writer likely would not have gone to the trouble of reviewing an entire policy line by line with a client. Anastasia was happy to have such choice and acknowledged that a high level of customer service justified any remaining cost disparity.

At the end of the day, we’re pleased to say that Anastasia stayed with TSG and we’re confident our relationship will continue to flourish.

Let us know what kind of service your broker is providing.