Holiday event planning

If you’re planning an event for the holidays, right about now you’re looking forward to celebrating the departing year and having a joyous time. Safe to say, insurance is probably not top of mind.

But as we all know, when large groups of people gather to celebrate, things can go wrong and you need to be protected. Besides, many venues require you to have event coverage meaning that you will need to think about insurance anyway at some point.

Fortunately, you can secure peace of mind for yourself and your guests that everyone will be protected if any incidents occur. Start by taking some time to understand the risks your event faces and develop means to mitigate them.

Here is a quick rundown on some of the most common event risks:

  • People who have been drinking can injure themselves, others, and damage property
  • Exposed wires, equipment and furniture pose a tripping and injury hazard
  • Thieves may steal property, especially if there are high net worth individuals in attendance
  • Bad weather can chase away singers and other performers, and even cause the entire event to be cancelled
  • Vendors may serve contaminated food

The right coverage can protect from all of these risks. Ensure that you have general liability, vendor insurance, liquor liability and event cancellation coverage.

A general liability, or GL, policy protects you if you damage someone’s property or someone is hurt during your event. This policy will cover the costs of repairing damage, medical bills and legal fees.

However, GL policies do not cover claims arising from alcohol consumption. If an intoxicated person injures themselves and blames you, GL will not cover the legal fees or pay any damages awarded to the plaintiff.

If you’re serving alcohol, you will need liquor coverage and you can add it to your GL. If third party vendors are serving, request them to acquire liquor coverage. You also want to get in communication with vendors to verify they have the appropriate commercial, general and liquor insurance coverage to participate at your event.

Finally, once your insurance needs are covered, head out on location to examine the venue itself. Check that all fire alarms, extinguishers and smoke detectors are functional and in a good state of repair. Set up well stocked medical stations or first aid kits, make sure emergency exits are well lit and unobstructed.

It seems like a lot of work, but your event will be much more fun and fulfilling when you have the peace of mind from knowing that you’re well protected from life’s accidents.

Call us today so we can help you create a safe, enjoyable and memorable event experience.