Insurance premium increases can be resolved by bundling policies: client success story

Premium increases remain one of the most frustrating aspects of insurance for our clients. For John, the 10 percent increase on his motorcycle renewal seemed particularly unjustified because he had no convictions or changes over the last year and so he instructed us to source an alternate solution.

Unfortunately, the alternate quotes we received were either the same or higher cost than John’s current policy. Despite this setback, John was appreciative that we had done our due diligence.

He did however express a desire to maintain lower premiums on his motorcycle and inquired whether his other assets like his house and car could contribute to that. We suggested bundling his home and auto policies with his motorcycle, although John was initially unhappy about what he saw as having to bring more of his business to The Shepherd Group to get a better solution. But he was convinced after we demonstrated the value of bundling which ultimately delivered savings of $600 over his current set of policies.

Our experience with John demonstrated the power of earning people’s trust and gaining access to their world. We must recognize that people’s needs are as unique as they are themselves and deliver appropriate results in each case. With John, our final result was that he trusts us with his insurance needs.

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