Insurance is like private investigating

Insurance is like private investigating: the idea is to get as much information as possible to better serve our customers.

Typically, we investigate for new customers and prospects when we have the least information.

In order to fill in gaps in our knowledge, we go through social media profiles, search engine listings, databases, public records, news articles and even Google Street View.

Street View for instance helps us determine the floor count of a building. We can also confirm building materials, identify whether the building looks updated or not, and view the condition of the roof.

When the internet isn’t enough, we drive to the location to get a firsthand look at the property in question. We take photos and notes to attach with our quote requests and document submissions.

In fact we did this just the other day. One of our current projects is a commercial condo insurance policy and our team members have visited the condo in person to verify their tenant listings from their billboard.

Of course, we always ask customers for information, but they can be too busy to respond in time or simply not know the answers. In order to expedite quotes and document submissions, sometimes we have to get the information on our own.

It also helps us remove uncertainties. For example, sourcing information on our own we can avoid providing “subject to” quotes which are contingent on that missing information and may not be as accurate as the customer needs.

Moreover, it’s another way to do our due diligence and protect ourselves and customers from errors and omissions claims, and misrepresentation.

We also do our homework online by identifying whether there is any unfavourable media coverage and disparaging online comments that can paint our customers or prospects in an unfavourable light to insurers.

As advocates for our customers, we use research techniques to get updated information and present accurate risk and liability profiles to insurers. We also inform customers about their image and reputation online so they can adjust accordingly.

Are you surprised at how much we do for customers? Give us a call to see what we can do for you.