Client success story: how a referral set a young couple up for life

People’s lives change once they have the right coverage and protection. We’ve seen it happen with our customers. Read on to find out more.

One of our customers is a couple in their 20s. Their mortgage broker referred them to TSG.

Initially they called us for mortgage insurance for their condo. But mortgage insurance is just a term life insurance policy under a different name. So we offered to create a better solution for them with a proper life insurance policy.

Instead of just emailing them a quote, we met them in person in order to develop a connection. They were investing in real estate and had bought a condo to rent out.

If that went well, in their words, they would invest further as well as accumulate some savings. Their plans would see them take on additional debt creating a need to protect themselves. For now, their resources are somewhat limited so they need to keep a close watch on costs.

Fortunately, the kind of coverage they need is very affordable at their age. The beauty of getting life insurance at a young age is that you get extremely affordable rates that will remain the same for decades. No matter what illness they may be diagnosed with, their insurer cannot cancel or refuse to renew their coverage.

Their monthly payments were very reasonable for a huge amount of coverage. And as their income increases, the payments will become less noticeable.

Apart from the life insurance policy, they also opted for disability and critical illness coverage which will give them options if they are unable to work due to illness or injury. They now have complete, head to toe coverage and they’re set for life.

Now, the next step is for us to create a similar breakthrough with respect to their financial planning and savings. Contact us today to create a breakthrough in your life and business.