Loyalty creates endless possibilities

In life and business, engagement and loyalty create huge possibilities.

Loyal employees perform at a high level because they care. Loyal employees create loyal customers. Loyal customers bring more of their business to a company and refer others. This benefits everyone involved: Everyone Wins.

Customers benefit because they no longer need to search high and low for the right product and service provider. Having loyalty with one company that does the job properly reduces stress, saves money and leaves them free to pursue their passion.

Let’s create a hypothetical scenario to get a sense of the available possibilities. Imagine a teen turning 16 years old and rushing off to get his driver’s license. He’s waited so long for this day and his dreams are coming true.

Soon he will learn to drive and acquire his own car not long after that. With a car comes the need for insurance: he will need his own policy. And so, he asks his parents for advice. They refer him to their current broker who’s been taking care of their needs.

The parents duly inform their broker that there’s now another driver in their household. And that’s where the magic happens. Every potential new customer is a possibility for the broker.

He or she represents the opportunity to create peace of mind and lasting satisfaction for the person.

Every interaction must align with the passion to connect with customers and meet their needs.

Because this occasion is very special for the young man, the broker does something out of the ordinary for him.

And so they send him a model car to show off on his shelf to represent the next stage of his life. They attach a hand written note with a warm greeting from the CEO.

All of a sudden, his world is transformed: a stranger is engaging with him as a human being. Instead of encountering the insurance industry as a drag, and something to be avoided, he is oriented properly for the rest of his life.

In fact, he looks forward to engaging with his broker to learn more about their products and their culture. He’s authentically engaged and open to possibilities.

In turn, the broker isn’t selling either. Their staff, who are human beings, are engaging with their young friend as a human being. They don’t see him as a number on a spreadsheet to pad their sales volume.

A business sells more when it doesn’t occur to customers as though it’s selling. That all makes him more likely to place his first policy with that broker and bring more of his business to them over the years as he matures and creates his own life. And he’ll never forget the way it all started: as long as they don’t drop the ball over time, he will always be with them.

When customers are engaged this way, you can bet they will return.