Make your client’s worries go away when they call you

Sometimes when customers call you, they have a difficult situation on their hands. Such was the case when George called, worried about his health insurance. George has diabetes and he uses his policy often to pay for his medication. Unfortunately, his health insurance provider was not receptive to his needs and cut back his coverage.

The insurer stated it could not move him to a plan with higher limits of coverage and instead placed him on a simpler plan. Although it is known as guaranteed because everyone is approved for this plan, it does not offer sufficient coverage for George’s needs. For instance, it provided $525 of annual prescription drug coverage, whereas George needs double that.

As we got to work on sourcing a solution for George, our team contacted various insurers to determine what kind of options exist for George. As it turned out, a number of insurers treat diabetes as a pre-existing condition and do not provide coverage. But we continued the search and promptly located a plan that would meet George’s needs.

This new plan included several simple medical questions that George passed, meaning he qualified for the coverage. However, our work wasn’t done. George’s previous plan included dental coverage, whereas the new one did not.

To make sure we were doing an apples to apples comparison, we added dental coverage to the new plan we had quoted. In the end, the new plan was $40 more than the previous one, but it was much more robust and directly comparable to George’s previous coverage.

Most importantly, it provides $750 in coverage starting from the second year and covers a much greater portion of George’s bills, ensuring his claims are honoured.

Another nice little perk is that his new insurer will move him to their second year coverage limit next January. In other words, even though six months of this year have already elapsed, the insurer waives the remaining six and will not force George to go through a full year to qualify for the increased coverage.

What’s more, the new insurer processed George’s application much faster than his previous one, taking just a few days instead of several weeks. George fell head over heels for his new plan and gave us the green light to set up the policy. Now, he’s just a few days away from enjoying superior coverage and his worries are evaporating.

Now that’s service. Tell us in the comments below if your broker is making your worries go away.

If not, give us a call.