Personal development and transformation at The Shepherd Group

From time to time, we like to bring you success stories from our office. Previously, we mentioned Cole who discovered his true passion after a year of coaching and development at TSG. Today, we’ll meet Alex who manages all of our social media. He’s the one writing all those blogs you’ve been reading! He’s been on an epic journey since joining us and we thought we’d share the good news. Without further ado, here’s Alex on his TSG-fuelled transformation.


Since joining TSG about six months ago, my personal development has skyrocketed. I have come further this year than I did in the 20 before that. My perspective, outlook and attitude have shifted one million degrees. I doubt I would have made such progress if I hadn’t come here.

So what drove this shift? For one, I exposed myself to the work world. I got a taste of reality and for the first little while it was kicking my butt.

Waking up early and commuting to work in rush hour traffic every morning showed me what my father has been dealing with for years and years to provide for our family. I came to appreciate his struggles a little better.

This realization made me humble and grateful for his sacrifices and improved the way I relate to him. In general, I feel so much more grateful for the good things in my life as I am now actually present to them.

I feel positive and optimistic all the time now and I extract insight and knowledge from every breakdown – I let none of it go to waste as I would have before.

That’s not to say I don’t have breakdowns, but I’ve gotten much better at dealing with them. Moreover, I simply have fewer breakdowns because my new perspective is so much more productive than my old one.

Before I used to be sulky, sleepy, moody and miserable every morning. Today you’ll see me blasting music in my car on the way to work. I don’t even get upset at the heavy traffic. In fact, I feel grateful that I get to drive the family’s car to work over these great roads that lead right to my office door steps.

I’m also blessed to be part of a supportive and respectful team. Over the years, I’ve heard a number of horror stories of awful managers and crappy co-workers from my father. It’s as though the gods decided to create the exact opposite of that for me at TSG to make up for all those harrowing tales.

It’s like I’m drinking rocket fuel every morning. That doesn’t mean I am going full tilt all the time, but I do crank the pace right back up after a breakdown or downtime.

If the previous six months have been stratospheric, I can’t imagine what the next six will be like. And who knows where I’ll go from there. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m just getting started.