Client success story: picking up the slack to meet customer needs

Andrew is very unhappy with his current broker, but we are more than ready to pick up the slack.

Here’s the rundown: Andrew’s getting frustrated because his broker keeps giving him different answers without meeting his needs.

And it’s not like Andrew is asking for the moon – he just needs to make some minor changes to his auto policy.

Andrew is familiar with one of our staff members. He called us for relief: he wanted to move his business elsewhere – he was just done.

However, his auto policy isn’t due for renewal until November and because he has a ticket on his record, he will be dinged with a higher rate while the ticket remains on his record.

We suggested he wait until the end of the year when the ticket comes off of his record. At that point, his new policy will be much more cost effective. That does mean he has to stay with his current broker for a few more months, but we don’t want him to overpay.

What’s more, Andrew’s home insurance policy could also use some work – the premium is extremely high. We ended up moving his house to the same insurance company that does his auto policy to secure the combined policy discount for him.

Unfortunately, the insurer said both policies have to be with the same broker in order to qualify for the discount. So although Andrew will have to wait a little bit before his revamped insurance policies kick in, they will take good care of his needs when they do.

As we sourced solutions, Andrew kept saying that no other broker or insurer had taken this much effort to explain policy details and the implications of his ticket. In these situations, even a few extra minutes of care and attention make a huge difference for our customers.

We are extremely willing to take these extra minutes every day of the week.

Give us a call today to make your insurance responsive to your needs.