Play a bigger game

At TSG, we refer to the goal of elevating our performance as playing a bigger game.

What does it mean to play a bigger game and how might we get there? Let’s take a look.

Transforming your perspective

In order to boost your performance, you must change your perspective. As Einstein once said, you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.

Changing your perspective will make you more aware of possibilities and opportunities and improve your quality of life. It will also help clear the clutter in your head, opening a space for you to create.

You will find yourself with more mental energy to pursue your goals.

Stake a claim

If you have truly bought into the new possibilities you are creating, you will gravitate toward certain words and phrases, and eliminate others from your vocab.

For example, you will be more likely to avoid overly negative language; you will reframe problems as opportunities by using future based and action oriented language. You may find yourself using phrases like “I will” instead of “I should” or “I might.”

This language primes you for action and puts you in a problem solving mindset.

Obviously, there’s much more to transformation than words alone, but you can’t skip this step if you wish to transform.


As you transform and strive forward, you must communicate all along the way. Communicating properly is tough, but it will get better once you’re in the right mindset and equipped with the appropriate language.

Start by communicating with the people in your network such as friends, family and colleagues.

Tell them about your journey, your breakthroughs and insights. Have a few difficult conversations to say the unsaid and clear the air. You may need to adjust or even end certain relationships, as scary as that sounds, if they’re getting in the way of your transformation.

Do something

Insight alone is useless if you let it sit like a dead weight in your mind. Therefore, you must set goals and work toward them. Adjust your goals based on the feedback you receive from other people.

Don’t forget that you must work consistently. It makes no sense to come storming out of the gates only to lose steam and give up a week later.


As you move faster, you will have breakthroughs when you clear a hurdle or solve a challenge. Don’t worry if your breakthroughs seem small – they come in many forms. Eventually, many small changes in your life will add up to major transformation.

The counterpart to breakthroughs are breakdowns. Remember that breakdowns are inevitable. Treat them as learning experiences and leverage your improved relationships as a support network.

Final thoughts

Transformation is “liberating.” Realizing that we have the keys to our own success and happiness inside us is empowering. Yes, it’s scary and very difficult, but it creates an indestructible foundation for your entire life.

Consider that there’s no other way to experience transformation than to… experience it. No matter how skeptical you feel, just try it.

Have you already started your transformation? Tell us all about it. Drop a comment below and follow our blog for more.