Client success story: the power of persistence

One huge upside of our work is that we learn so much as we create solutions for customers.

Not only do we learn more about the insurance industry, but also about ourselves as individuals and professionals. For example, the time it took seven months to convert one of our prospects, we got present to the tremendous importance of persistence.

The prospect in question – Dave – is a highly successful real estate professional with multiple commercial buildings in his portfolio. He’s so successful that he actually vacations for six months a year which creates a unique communication challenge.

That combined with various delays and breakdowns in communication stretched out the process. Nevertheless, we persisted and eventually secured all the necessary paperwork and information to arrange a commercial policy for Dave.

But getting there was quite a ride. We were slogging through what was essentially rejection after rejection. Most salespeople would have probably given up, and make no mistake, we could have dropped the whole thing after a month or two.

However, we learned to get our egos out of the way and not to take rejections personally. Instead, we focused on our core mission of providing excellent service and creating value for customers. For Dave, that meant simplifying his life.

Currently, he has eight policies all over the place with different insurers. We’re going to move all policies to one insurer and arrange so they all renew on the same date. This clears much clutter off Dave’s plate, freeing him to grow his business and pursue his interests.

We’re also bringing detailed data about Dave’s business into our firm. That way, everyone saves time because we don’t have to contact different sources to get the information. By having it on file, we’re ready to advise Dave at any time. Next time it won’t take seven months to arrange coverage.

All of this will help Dave walk around feeling lighter as the stress lifts from his shoulders. We can also help you feel lighter. Call us to find out more.