Take ownership of your workplace to boost employee engagement

Most business owners would probably agree that productivity and employee engagement are two of their most important, and most difficult, elements to implement in organizational culture.

It’s possible to achieve these goals by creating an “ownership culture.” Let’s take a look at some of the things that go into this culture.

What is it?

Taking ownership is present when you care deeply for your workplace. You treat is as though it’s your own space (in the best possible way). This prompts you to take initiative to keep it clean and organized. It means taking responsibility for things that you otherwise would not.

That way, you address problems and get things out of the way before they fester and grow worse. Ownership manifests itself even in small things like picking up scraps of paper in your courtyard or throwing out someone else’s garbage in the kitchen. It also includes spending company money wisely and treating work decisions as though you are holding your own life in the palm of your hand.

Why do it?

You must take ownership if you want to create a powerful organization that transforms everyone it encounters for the better. Ownership is key if you desire fulfilling work that makes you successful and helps everyone involved meet their goals.

It also boosts day to day workability at the office: people no longer wait to be told what to do, instead they act decisively to bring about tangible improvements. It connects people to each other and their work.

Your life acquires more meaning which creates a ripple effect of positivity among your friends and family. Your work becomes more than just something to pay the bills – it matters.

How to get started

Start by noticing the way you relate to your work space and colleagues. Do you avert your eyes when you notice something that you can fix? Focus on the small changes you can make quickly. Before you know it, they will add up into major benefits for everyone in your world.

Moreover, starting small prevents you from becoming overwhelmed as you would if trying to do everything all at once. Set yourself a manageable goal that you will fix one small thing about your workplace every single day. Don’t worry if it’s small – it’s much more important you are present to this new possibility you’re creating and that you do it consistently. Over time, you can add more things and larger tasks to your daily “take ownership” to-do list.

Do you take ownership of your workplace? Drop us a comment below and let’s put each other in the know.