Client success story: putting customers in the know

Brokers must be sensitive to the reality that customers may not know all of their policy details. But the right guidance can make all the difference. Read on to discover what we can do for customers in such situations.

Diana was involved in a six car pile up. She filed a claim. Standard claims procedure is for customers to bring their vehicles to insurance company’s preferred shop for appraisal. There is the option of taking it to a non preferred shop, but the disadvantage is that there’s no warranty on the work they do.

Diana took her car to her insurer’s preferred shop and they appraised it. She then picked up her rental replacement and was under the impression that everything was taken care of.

However, the insurer called three days later asking her to return the rental. They said this was because she could pick up the rental only once work had started on her car.

Customers can only get a rental car replacement right away if their car is not drivable. If it’s drivable, they can get the replacement once the work starts.

As it turned out, Diana rented a higher priced vehicle that came to about $80 a day, leaving her with 18 days worth of coverage. The challenge that presents itself is that she may run out of coverage before her original car is complete and she had already used three days.

We got in communication with Diana and her manager to ask whether he would be okay with paying the rental car costs if the coverage was exhausted before Diana’s car was repaired. He did not wish to do so and opted for a lower priced vehicle to make the coverage last longer.

He also made provisions to provide Diana with another vehicle if the repairs were not completed before coverage expired.

After that, we communicated with the insurance company in order to forgive Diana the three depleted days. We communicated that to the customer the situation occurred as though they had gotten the “go” signal. The insurer was on board and they granted Diana three days for free.

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