Small business barriers

A lot goes into making your business successful.

Some of the major factors include selling your product, communicating its value to your staff and the rest of the world, locating your core customers, and truly meeting their needs while complying with all the relevant regulations and hiring the right people.

However, none of that matters as much as having a solid plan and executing it properly.

All other challenges, including technology, regulatory compliance and customer service, are surmountable if you lay a strong plan at the foundation of your business and follow it.

Don’t get us wrong, you must have a good grip on regulations to simply have a seat at the table; you must master the essentials of top notch customer service before going into business; you must find your customers and determine their needs; and you must create your actual product and market it effectively.

Every single one of these factors is mandatory if you wish to be successful. Nevertheless, they are all specific challenges. But it is your mindset that will ultimately determine your approach to tackling every single one of them.

This is because often in business (and life) the challenges (and problems) remain fundamentally the same. It seems we keep encountering the same old problems dressed in new fashions.

Take the insurance industry’s recent frenzy for “digitization.” A few years ago, it was known as “online.” At the end of the day, it’s the same thing in different packaging. This doesn’t mean it’s not important, but it becomes easier to orient our priorities properly when we take a big picture look at things.

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