Fired? Get temporary group benefits while you search for your next job

If you’ve just been let go or laid off from a job where you had health benefits, you don’t have to stress that your family is not protected while you are looking for a job. You can qualify for insurance coverage and health benefits while you look for your next job.

There’s a plan available that will give you robust Health and Dental coverage, with no medical tests, as long as you apply within 60 days of leaving your previous workplace. You pay for coverage on a monthly basis and you can cancel whenever you need to with no penalty.

If you apply after the 60 day window, you will need to pass a medical questionnaire. The impact is that any medicine or pre-existing conditions covered under your previous plan will no longer be covered. However, if you’re coming from a plan that covered the condition and you apply within the window, you will be covered.

And you’re getting great coverage: this plan will cover medicine, dental, chiropractors, vision and massage. What’s more, the premium is very stable because tens of thousands of people are enrolled.

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