Terrorism and travel

Shootings, political conflict and violence continue to present risks for travelers. However, travel remains a necessity for many business owners and we would venture to say that few of us are willing to surrender our hard earned vacations.

Therefore, we need to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones during our travels. One way to do this is through travel insurance.

We have spoken about the many benefits of travel insurance previously: it can help cover unexpected medical expenses, hospital stays, evacuations, body transportation, funeral and burial costs and so on.

But will it always work as expected? Every now and then we hear horror stories about people whose travel insurance did not cover their expenses and now they’re facing extreme costs.

One recent example is that survivors of the Las Vegas shooting may face staggering medical bills.

So what if something like this was to happen to you – will you be covered? To answer your questions, we thought we’d create a quick and easy guide to travel risks.

You will not be covered if you choose to travel to an area experiencing violence or unrest, or for which a travel advisory has been issued. But if the situation is calm when you leave and something occurs while you’re on location you will be covered.

But beware of acts of terrorism: in general, travel insurance policies do not cover losses, costs and injuries resulting from acts of terrorism (you can get terrorism coverage separately). That means if the government declares a given catastrophe as an act of terrorism, you will not be covered.

Are you travelling? Call us to discover what we can do to make your travels safe.