What’s the Friday special?

At TSG, we have something called the “Friday special.” This is when customers urgently need coverage, often right before the weekend for an asset they’re acquiring on the weekend.

Sometimes TSG gets caught in the crossfire as everyone demands quick results: customers need insurance to legally drive their car, and the dealer obviously needs to complete the sale.

But even when customers are in a rush, there are procedures we must follow. It can take some time and customers become understandably anxious. Alleviating their anxiety means keeping them up to date as we work to meet their needs.

Customers may want their coverage arranged as soon as possible, but their wants do not necessarily reflect their needs. Ultimately, every customer’s need, whether they’re aware of it or not, is to get the right solution.

Last minute requests can go smoothly if customers have all of their documents on hand.

That way, no one has to play telephone tag to get information. However, delays are unavoidable, life happens and sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

For example, one of our customers found out at the last moment that he needed confirmation of insurance to purchase a condo because that’s when his lawyer told him. Nevertheless, if we are missing any information, we communicate and negotiate with all sides to get things moving.

We also strongly urge you to contact your broker in advance if you’re anticipating changes in your life. Be proactive and call us today.