The time a customer told us we can do magic

A customer once told us that we can do magic after we stood up for his interests in a dispute with his insurer. Here’s the story of that dispute and the customer satisfaction that arose like a phoenix out of a damaged car, a toppled pole and lengthy claims process.

Mr. Sheikh’s car was damaged after a truck crashed into a pole, dropping it onto his roof.

His insurer had wanted to repair the damage under comprehensive coverage which meant Sheikh would have to pay the deductible on his policy.

Unhappy about that, Sheikh stated the damage would not have occurred had the truck not hit the pole. He argued he should not have to pay the deductible because the damage was not his fault.

We explained as much to the insurer. Or tried to, because the adjuster assigned to the claim was not communicating effectively.

Despite our many calls and voicemails, the adjuster did not respond, even as we stated firmly that we needed a response and resolution for our customer. The adjuster’s radio silence delayed the claims process unnecessarily so our team contacted Sheikh to reassure him we had not forgotten about his claim.

They ended up keeping Sheikh and TSG in the dark about their decision to subrogate the claim. Subrogation is when an insurer pursues the third party who caused a loss to the policyholder for an amount equal to the claim the insurer had to pay.

In this case, Sheikh would still have had to pay his deductible, but the insurer would reimburse him with money recovered from the truck driver.

This is less than ideal because subrogating claims can take weeks or even months. A timeline like that was clearly unworkable for our customer. We therefore pressed the insurer to waive the deductible because they had communicated poorly with both Sheikh and our brokerage throughout the claim process.

They agreed to do so and will also repair Sheikh’s car free of charge.

Waiving the deductible was the price the insurer paid for poor customer service. The end result was that we saved our customer money and a lot of time. Sheikh was very happy with the resolution and it was at that point he made his comment about TSG doing magic.

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