There’s no such thing as an account too small

One of our pet peeves is when we see businesses dismiss accounts because they are “too small.” In our view, there’s no such thing as an account that’s too small. There are only customers who have trusted you with their business.

Customer service is a zero-sum game in that you either have the account or you don’t. There’s no in-between and once you have it, you must take care of your customer. It’s the responsibility you take on when putting yourself out there as a service provider.

Moreover, dismissing accounts as too small is dangerous because it breeds a flippant mindset that may lead you to treat customers differently because they have less business with you than others. This is not the same as acknowledging that every customer has their own unique needs.

It’s simply bad form to view one part of your book as less than another because behind every account is a human being with needs.

What’s more, every account is an opportunity further down the line. You simply never know what needs your customers will have in the future. They will be more likely to trust you with those needs if you’ve been taking care of them consistently.

That way, you’re not stuck seeing small accounts as a burden. Re-framing challenges as opportunities is the very essence of an entrepreneurial mindset open to change and transformation that will help your firm evolve and expand.

Even if taking care of small accounts requires a bit of a sacrifice on your part, you can think of that spend as an investment into your relationship with that customer that will yield benefits for both sides.

Essentially, if a customer has trusted you with their business, do everything you can to expand that relationship before dismissing it or calling it quits.

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