Understand your core customer

To be successful in business, you must have a precise picture of your core customer.

Your core customer is the person who is the best fit for your business. Core customers are the ones who benefit the most from your services.

Understanding your core customer means knowing their likes and dislikes, their needs and preferences, their lifestyle and personal traits.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. Know what you’re doing
    Understanding them enables you to channel all your energy into finding more of that type of customer. It prevents you from chasing dead ends: you already know who you’re going after and where they are to be found.
  2. Triage
    The second reason comes into play when you’re dealing with prospects. Your core customer profile will help determine who can you and can’t help. This is important because you can quickly triage prospects. The idea of possibly having to leave money on the table can be very disconcerting to salespeople, but it makes no sense wasting anyone’s time if the fit isn’t right. But we can’t leave customers hanging, especially if we have taken steps to engage them and used some of their time. What we can do, however, is to take care of them in other ways. This might mean directing them toward service providers better suited for their needs.
  3. Determine where you need to go
    Finally, narrowing your focus helps you generate actionable insight. For example, let’s say you determined that your core customer prefers to be contacted via social media. One solution may be to boost the visibility and activity on your social media accounts. Perhaps you may integrate an artificial intelligence chatbot in your Facebook page – whatever it takes to better meet customer needs. But this insight arises only when you have put in the legwork to truly understand your core customer. You can think of your core customer profile as a blueprint for your personal and organizational development.

At the end of the day, it’s not workable trying to be everything to everyone (unless you’re Walmart or Amazon). By focusing on your core customer with laser focus, you will actually be more successful than as a generalist provider.

In addition, your customers will benefit because you’re dedicated to meeting their needs and nobody else’s.

Do you know your core customer? Drop us a comment below and let us help you find more of them.