Client success story: shining a light on the unknown

Insurance brokers are like explorers – they shine a light of insight into the unknown areas of life.

Insurance can seem like an alien planet and our customers need reliable guides to guide them over rough terrain.

Engaging with insurance was particularly challenging for Loretta, one of our recent customers.

She has not had a car (or been insured) since 2009. All of that changed last week when she got a new car. She now needed insurance, but was unsure how to proceed. Because she hasn’t been insured for so long, the world of insurance was unfamiliar and confusing for her.

Loretta had heard about TSG from a colleague and we were happy to assist her the moment she contacted us. Although Loretta had options from several brokers, she stated she was most comfortable interacting with TSG because we took the time to explain all the policy details to her.

As we were sourcing solutions, we discovered that Loretta’s prior insurance record wasn’t showing on our computers. It’s very important to demonstrate proof that Loretta had previously been insured, otherwise, her premium would be much higher. To avoid that, we called her previous insurer to find out who her previous broker was who could confirm her insurance history.

We then asked her a few more questions and it turned out she had changed her name since she was last insured. Having found out her previous name, we were able to quickly locate her insurance history.

In case you didn’t know, when changing your name, the first five digits of your driver’s license ID change, while the last 10 remain unchanged.

Even though Loretta has been outside the world of insurance for many years, she is now enjoying the peace of mind that comes with the right coverage.

This is our role as a broker to explain options to customers and ensure a smooth process. What’s more, we are working to provide valuable options for her husband’s insurance as well, creating value for the whole family now.

Give us a call today if you’re ready to save time, money and hassle.