Work life balance: make your job more than just a job

A countless number of people drag themselves to work every day. They feel miserable and can’t wait to go home. There has to be more to life than this.

Of course, not everyone thinks this way, but enough people do to warrant this post. At TSG, we think a job should be much more than just a job. It’s not something you do just to keep the lights on and bills at bay.

As kids, we all wanted to do great things and have an impact on the world. But as we became adults, somewhere along the way we lost the sense of adventure, enthusiasm and limitless potential that characterizes children. Some of us came to view work as necessary drudgery at best and soul crushing at worst.

Desperate for relief, we turned to booze, entertainment and other distractions. Ironically, we spend so much energy trying to forget about work that we end up making feeling ourselves worse. Imagine using that energy on the things you actually need and want. Besides, trying to forget about work is like trying to forget one of your arms.

Remember that annoying little phrase – what you resist persists. To get out of this unworkable mode of being, acknowledge that your work is a major part of your life and give it the respect it deserves. Then watch your world transform as work becomes the place where you can make your goals and dreams come true.

Want to go on a dream vacation? Use that desire as motivation to perform well at work so you can make your dream come true. Always wanted to acquire that skill? Take advantage of the skills training resources at your office.

And ultimately, want to become a better person? Learn to see your work as one giant personal development experience. Play a bigger game.

In other words, you have to integrate your work into the very fabric of your being. You cannot hope to be satisfied and successful if you see work as an irritating, alien presence in your life.

Now, that does not mean you skimp on rest and relaxation as they’re hyper important to your health and well-being. All we’re suggesting is a new way of looking at existing challenges.

So what does this kind of transformation look like in practice? Perhaps the biggest difference is in the way we relate to the people around us. We deepen relationships with our co-workers and even come to regard them as part of our extended family. If that sounds scary, then it should be, because you are being confronted with a radically new way of being.

Meanwhile, white office walls no longer instill dread as you come to see them as an inviting canvas with unlimited possibilities for you to create. Just grab a brush and start splashing paint (figuratively of course!).

Transform your life now. Splash some newness and excitement across your mind and let us know what you discover.