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A common mistake of entrepreneurs is to use their personal insurance broker who isn’t experienced in business

1. Do you specialize in handling insurance for business?

2. What insurance do other businesses like mine carry?

3. What does the process look like in the event of a business loss or a claim?

4. Do you have the right support to handle my day to day needs?


Andrea Bronstein, Owner of Andrea Hires

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Ian Barnett, 3C CEO/Partner

1 – 10 Employees

Greg Witz, Witz Education CEO/President

10 – 100+ Employees


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Working with millennial customers

In recent months, we have engaged with many millennial clients. For all the criticism of millennials, our experience with this demographic has been rather positive.

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Temporary life insurance coverage

Life insurance policies take between one and two months to process. During that time, you are technically not covered until the insurance company approves you. However, you still have options to protect yourself while you wait.

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Cyber is the new fire

Everyone and everything is getting hacked these days to the point where we refer to cyber risk as the “new fire.”

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First time home buyer guide

If you have just bought your first house, chances are you’re overwhelmed right now. We want to make things easier for you so we created this short and sweet guide to protecting your new home.

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