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A common mistake of entrepreneurs is to use their personal insurance broker who isn’t experienced in business

1. Do you specialize in handling insurance for business?

2. What insurance do other businesses like mine carry?

3. What does the process look like in the event of a business loss or a claim?

4. Do you have the right support to handle my day to day needs?


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Parental investment

Parental investment refers to the time, effort and money parents devote to their kids. It takes a tremendous toll on parents. Pulling it off requires planning and consistency.

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Credit ratings and insurance

There is some controversy in the insurance industry about using credit ratings as an underwriting tool. One argument is that credit ratings are distinct from insurance and should not impact rates.

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Challenges with renting out space in your home

One of our customers rents out space in his basement. Recently, he has encountered challenges with his tenant who had hired a cleaning lady. She had slipped on the stairs and injured herself. Now, she is seeking compensation because the injury put her out of work for some time. Our customer approached us to discuss his options.

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Be in the know: cyber risk and online security

To say that cyber risks and hacking have become a big deal is not saying much at all. Risks from hacks and computer breaches are all over the news. We are glad to see this topic receiving greater recognition, but we are not entirely satisfied with the quality of discussion.

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Customer success story: turning breakdowns around

At TSG, we love to share the great interactions we have with customers. It’s always a warm fuzzy feeling to share about the time we took away a customer’s worry and exceeded their expectations. But things don’t always go well.

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